It’s not really ‘about us’ – it’s about you and what you need right now. If the timeline below fits your life more or less, you’ve come to the right place.



You are born. You scream a lot. Your parents quietly think wtf?



You’re a little kid who likes dinosaurs and spaceships.



You figure out the world is bigger than your hometown. You feel a bit smarter than your teachers. Why do you have to wear a school uniform?



You hear Faithless on the radio for the first time. People out there are having an awesome time. You dream about the future.



Your favourite band is a name that no-one has ever heard about. You make a promise never to cut your hair again when you leave high school.



Your hair is shoulder-length. You’re dancing on a table. The walls are black and clad with old concert posters. The music is never too loud ‘cos you don’t hear it with your ears, you feel it with your body. You’re the sexiest beast in this place. Everyone wants you. Fuck their rules. Fuck the speed limit. Fuck bedtime. Life has never been this good.



Varsity is over. You studied what you love and you’re gonna do something so damn rad.



You start worrying that they were right when they said this isn’t a ‘real’ job. You’re wearing a uniform again – grey, tailored, respectable. Debit cards become credit cards, magazines become insurance policies, pills become Prozac.



Johnny is nie dood nie, hy’t net groot geword.



Friday night. You google ‘underground bands’. You’re embarrassed that you have to google it. You’re embarrassed that you started calling it ‘underground’.

But you discover

Life opens up again.


Just log on – the means of escape are endless…


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