For those who may not be familiar with Bruce Loco, tell us a little about yourself and your sound.

Thanks for having me! i’m a self taught producer/Dj born in Mpumalanga but currently staying in Joburg. about my sound i’d say its not your typical South African “ house music” its intelligent music, that heals the heart, mind and soul.


For most artists, originality is first preceded by a phase of learning and, often, emulating others. What was this like for you?

I’ve spent the last 5 years just learning about music, the possibilities you can achieve by learning sound design techniques to enhance your production skills. its a difficult process for a LOKO guy like me who wants to see progress same time… so i had to learn to be patient and trust that my time will come.


What were your main compositional- and production-challenges in the beginning and how have they changed over time?

Challenges I’ve faced in the beginning was ear training, i mean you need to train your ears to hear other frequencies and vibrations , that’s why for me every sound i choose it must work perfectly or design it to fit in perfectly in my production. now that i had trained my ears i had to learn how to play what i feel…learning piano. when both ear and piano complimented each other my production skills grew exponentially…i was now able to put down the ideas happening in my Loko head.


Is there an essential piece of production gear you use on a regular basis? What about on the road?

MiDi keyboard. i had to train myself to learn how to make music without a keyboard so i pretty much know how to draw chords and melodies.


If you would picture your dream collaboration at the moment, who would it be with?

Floating Points


What’s the best venue in your area for Electronic music?

Kitcheners Braamfontein


You are performing at Grietfest 2017. What are your expectations for this event? What can the crowd expect from your set?

I played at this event 2 years ago I’m super excited to be returning but this time around I’m playing Main stage meaning a lot of people will get LOKO from my set haha…


Who are you most looking forward to on the lineup?

Billy Kenny

Felix Laband

Trancemicsoul and The Lazarusman


Catch Bruce Loko at Grietfest

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