Live Performance Music Video by Aidan Martin

To his powerful Anti-Establishment Anthem

Footage by Roundabout Films


Last year, Aidan Martin released his prolific fourth single Waning Hypnotized Illusions – a track that strongly questions the moral fibre of society, consumerism and our modern-day slavery mindset.


Today sees the release of the live performance music video. The footage was captured and edited by Roundabout Films during the full band’s electrifying performance at Vans’ and Psych Night’s inaugural Endless Daze Festival in 2016. ‘Waning Hypnotized Illusions’ unapologetically tells it like it is without the pretty frills and rose-tinted perspectives; in a way true anti-establishment anthems do.

Throughout history humans have been divided by their religious beliefs, traditions, colour of one’s skin, stature in society and more. However, music has the power to transcend this.

Sadly, we are consumed by capitalism and have become slaves to our endless need to make life easier, faster. It is hard to stay optimistic about civilization as societies blunder on, repeating past afflictions, while technology is moving at an exponential pace which creates even further anxieties. Although the world bares with our arrogance it also reveals that we are in fact disturbing the natural order and almost throwing it off it’s integral and rudimental axis.

Staggeringly, every now and then, the human spirit shines through and overcomes the unimaginable. That moment doesn’t last forever though and people soon forget.

Consequently, through music, individuals can be removed from these anxieties and elevated into the moment. Importantly, the remarkable thing about music is that the torch is passed on while the true spirit, energy or whatever you want to call it, joins us for that brief yet mystical moment in time.

Aidan Martin – Waning Hypnotized Illusions

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