Charlie Finch – Stay the Winter

Charlie Finch Releases His Brand-New Single ‘Stay the Winter’ Available Now To Download Or Stream - Charlie Finch stole fans’ hearts nationwide with the single ‘If I Ever Let You Down’. He...


Releases Debut Single MARCO POLO Debut Self-Titled EP Available for Pre-Order! 13th century explorers on the Silk Road; exotic dancers moonlighting as World War 1 spies; iconoclastic stars of the silver screen. These characters can all be found in the songs of COLOUR...


TWEAK THE ACOCKALYPSE TOUR 2017 Buckle-up kids... TWEAK are back!   Although... if you know who TWEAK are, then you are probably not a kid! If you know who TWEAK are, then you were probably raised on Airwolf and MacGuyver and you likely listened to The Offspring...

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Featured Video

Dan Patlansky & Guy Buttery — “December Poems” {Live}

This video has been lost on a hard drive for 6 years when the power cable went missing. Guys actually forgot about it until he rediscovered the footage recently.


The concert it was taken from was from a 5 night run (which sold out so they had to book 2 additional performances) at the now defunct Catalina Theatre in Durban. It was Dan’s first ever run of acoustic shows (which they do regularly now) and featured them playing solo pieces and around 5-6 duets, with “December Poems” being one of them.

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